What Is Drive Through Car Wash

The necessity to extend life and functionality as well as keep up the look of a car is the major reasons why drive through car wash has become a lot popular today. Due to it saves a lot of time and hassle, many car owners today prefer this kind of car washing method. To know more about it, please continue to read on.

Drive through car wash is of two types – the automatic drive through car wash and touchless drive through car wash. An automatic drive through car wash is a car wash type that uses cloths and brushes, while a touchless drive through car wash uses only lasers for cleaning and washing the vehicles.

Automatic drive through carwash has been known for decades since its birth and usually found at independent car wash centers or at many gas stations. All the customers have to do is to just choose the type of carwash service they want, drive their car to the entrance facility and then set the car into the neutral mode. When all is set and ready, the vehicle will be pulled towards the car washing bay, where a various gigantic car wash brushes, sponges, hoses, and cloths work all together to wash the car. In the last part, either manually or huge blow dryers will dry off the wet car.

On the other hand, a touchless drive through car wash does not need those large car washing machines. What this car wash method only need are water and car cleaning substances.The laser directed the water used in this type of car wash method which was designed to target different parts of the vehicle such as tires, roof, windows, doors, etc.

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